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Monday, October 15, 2012

Vampire Diaries and Tabloid Rags: 10 Influential Guilty Pleasures

I admit these things reluctantly, but only because I believe guilty pleasures serve as a springboard for story ideas. Besides, you know you want to watch it. You know you want to read it. You know you want to do it. So, instead of hiding out of fear of embarrassment, I’m going to share with you my top 10 guilty pleasures.
 1.)    Vampire Diaries:  It really is a fantastically well written script and the acting is top notch. Okay, so I like vampires, werewolves, the magical and mystical, and most importantly those Salvatore brothers. Oh, yum! 

2.)    Tabloid Rags: It’s kind of like men and Playboy. They read it for the articles, right? Sure (Wink Wink.). But the fact remains that even though I am not a naturally star-struck person, I am fascinated at what these rags make up for celebrities. A stroke of creative brilliance. And honestly, I would love to see that half alien, half wolf boy baby they keep talking about. He’s got to be at least 12 by now. 

3.)     Bubble Bath, Books and Bubbly: I take long bubble baths while reading a book and sipping on champagne. It is fabulous and I will sit relaxing in that warm and inviting water until my fingers and toes are well past prune territory. 

4.)    Fuzzy Socks: I call these spa socks and my feet appreciate these while I am at home. And when I get an extra special pair, I’ll do a little tippy-toe dance. My husband got me these socks called A Treat for Your Feet while he was in Alaska. They are starting to wear out and that makes this sock-obsessed girl sad.

5.)    Middle Grade Fiction: I LOVE HARRY POTTER! I secretly want to go to the Harry Potter Theme Park, buy a wand and wear Gryffindor robes around town exclaiming, “Expelliarmus!” I also love The Hunger Games.  The Mockingjay tune is my ring tone. And I would be remiss if I did not mention Twilight. Yes, I will be lining up with some friends for the midnight showing. Actually, we will be watching all of the movies in the theater and then attending the midnight showing. Twelve hours in a theater with a bunch of screaming, hormonally charged teenage girls. I’m there! 

6.)    Family Guy: People say it is crude an inappropriate, but the truth is that it is freaking hysterical! I think my favorite cut-away is of Peter trying out adult diapers. 

7.)    Sleeping In: My body often won’t let me do this anymore, but when it happens it is glorious! I wake up and the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and I feel like breaking out in the “Morning’s Here” song from FRIENDS. 

8.)    Whipped Cream: When we have one of those cans of whipped cream, you better believe this chica sneaks off to the fridge for late night shots directly into her mouth. Foodgasm! 

9.)    Barry White: I can’t help it! He’s a love-making, song singing genius and I Just can’t get enough of his love, babe. 

10.) YouTube: I can’t help but seek out videos of animals and humans doing embarrassingly stupid and downright hysterical things. I even look for practical jokes. My favorites now are the music video Gangnam Style and the Denis Quaid practical jokes on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I’m a pretty pony!”

All of these guilty pleasures are outlets for hidden needs and desires. Letting go and throwing caution to the wind helps alleviate stress and, for this writer, provides new entertaining ideas for character development and plot.
What ‘s your top guilty pleasure?
Stephanie D. Birch is a black belt in yummy noises and certified procurer of curiosities. To hear her yummy noises via talk to text or to purchase her curiosities, email her at birchwordnerd@yahoo.com

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  1. "Dennis Quaid is here!" LOVE!!!! Oh and one of my top guilty pleasures? Eating ice cream straight out of the carton, and 16 and pregnant on mtv.... total guilty pleasure. ;-)

  2. Ooh! Ice cream out of the carton. That is one of mine that didn't make the list, but is totally a guilty pleasure. My fav? Chubby Hubby. Yum-o! I find myself catching Teen Mom from time to time. I can see how that could be a guilty plaesure for sure!