Just a couple of writers on a road trip through life. Hop in, hold on, and don’t forget your rain boots.

The Collaboration

Hello and welcome to the collective disturbing brains of Stephanie Anderson Birch and Julie Simmons-Wixom. Our celebrity name would be Stephanulie. We decided that blogging doesn't have to be a sad, solitary pursuit. Also that lone blogging from two crazies of our caliber could result in some epithets that might get us on a government watch list due to wandering thoughts, musicals, hypothetical apocalypse scenarios and manifestos rattling around in our gray matter.

 So, we’re combining our efforts with Writer Freaks: a blog for anyone who writes in their spare time because they can’t not, or who gave up their nine-to-five to pursue writing and discovered the joys of ramen noodles and starving artist living, or to anyone who feels slightly set apart from the ordinary world because they make up stories and write them down just because they have to, or for anyone who knows that being a freak and an outsider isn’t always a bad thing. This blog’s for you. 

We make no promises about the content of this blog or the secret ingredients in our delicious cookies. We promise to be irreverent and off- the-cuff and no-holds-barred and entertaining, but not well-behaved or decorous or sweet and proper. Oh wait. Damn. That was a promise right after we said no promises. We promise to be contradictory and play by our own rules that we have yet to make up. This is all an experiment and an exercise in collaboration and awesomeness. Welcome to the blog. You have been warned.

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