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About Stephanie

I have this desperate desire to write about people, places, and events regardless of their basis in truth. I enjoy having conversations with these characters, but they don’t always behave. I find the human condition fascinating and enjoy playing out “what if” scenarios to test the limits of humanity.

I've been married for over a decade to an amazing husband who defies the laws of physics frequently. I don’t know how he can be in two places at once, but I swear I am going to find out.  

I have two Weimaraners: Scout and Remington. When they aren’t running like the Roadrunner in my backyard, they take respites at my feet, frequently twitching out their dreams and providing white noise with their loud snoring. They make my heart happy and I consider them my fur babies. Scout mirrors the personality of my husband while Remington mirrors more of mine: moody, sleepy, and overly excited by the idea of going for a ride.

Here are some pictures of my amazing, quirky, loving, and down-right funny little family.

Julie may hate zucchini, but I happen to like it; however, I really hate bell peppers. Bluck! Their tangy flavor wreaks havoc on my taste buds.

I have an obsession with the television show FRIENDS. I quote it frequently. My mom says I am a mix of Phoebe and Monica. I think that is probably because I am a little anal about organization, slightly controlling, and a total hippie. Even still, my favorite quotes are Chandler quotes. He is awkward and so am I. I even named our male and female ducks Joey and Chandler.

I like to argue. My husband plays along and debates topics at random with me when he can tell I am due for a round or two. It keeps me on my toes. I like to be right and it is difficult for me to admit defeat, but fear not! It does happen.

I like to craft and try my hand at DIY projects. I make handmade greeting cards, scrapbook, and knit. Knitting is better than crochet. I’ve tried both and crocheting ends with my fingers tangled in a mess of yarn with no real exit strategy. I find people who say they prefer crocheting weird, but then, I am the queen of weird.

I have a bucket list. There are a lot of things on it, but there is one in particular that people find strange: I want to ride a concrete finisher when a slab of a new warehouse is being poured. Weird, I know.

I am an excellent car dancer and I sing like a rock star. If there were a reality TV show for the best car dancer, I would win. The TV show could be called, So You Think You Can Dance: Automobile Edition. I get a lot of looks, but I don’t care. Car dancing is super cool.

Yes, I have written two novels, but have yet to publish. The process intimidates me much like Guido would intimidate a witness due to testify in a murder trail of some highly important government official that saw something they shouldn't have. One day I will conquer the publishing industry, come hell or high water or by the time I ride that concrete finisher, whichever comes first.

I let my freak flag fly all the time. I know I am a freak and I embrace my freaky-nature. I encourage you to find the freak in you.

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By Stephanie D. Birch

William Hawthorne is tormented by malignant parents: a narcissistic mother and a disconnected, broken father. They warped their once traditional religious beliefs into a self-serving religious philosophy, believing that any type of medical care is wrong. William struggles to preserve a normal school life while concealing the war zone at home. In the havoc of his family life, his infant sister falls ill, burning with a raging fever. William’s desperation to save his sister sets off a sequence of events that forever change the trajectory of his life. Defying his mother’s beliefs, William seeks medical intervention for his innocent sister, racing against the clock to prevent her from imminent death. William runs away to begin a new life knowing that returning home would result in violence and abuse. With his fresh start afoot, William is shocked to learn three truths: his father is dead, his siblings are in foster care, his mother is in jail. . Ultimately he knows he must face the mother of all tormentors. . .his mother. In the midst of unspeakable pain, he meets Lilly. Lilly is the center of calm and quiet. She touches William’s damaged heart, renewing his spirit and awakening his soul. With Lilly at his side, he reunites with his extended family and is surprised to discover the healing powers of forgiveness, acceptance, and love. Just when William thinks the worst is over and he can move forward in his new-found life, a devastating crisis appears on the horizon involving everyone he loves. This time William is ready, and up to the challenge.

© 2012 by Stephanie D. Birch. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of Stephanie D. Birch.

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